Environmental responsibility

Budget Car Rental as a socially responsible company and being in the forefront of continuous improvement in the market, together with this culture always offers its customers the opportunity to contribute to the protection of the environment through 4 environmental services and contribution to the forest and plantations that directly affect the protection and enhancement of the environment for a balanced world, such as:

  • Mitigation of emissions of greenhouse gases (fixation, reduction, abduction, storage and absorption)

  • Protection of water for urban, rural or hydroelectric

  • Protection of biodiversity to conserve and sustainable use, scientific and pharmaceutical research and breeding

  • Protection of ecosystems, livelihoods and natural scenic beauty for tourism and scientific purposes

The project covers the 4 services, according to FONAFIFO, covers 21 hectares of primary forest that covers the topic of water resources which project is located in a basin of national interest, to focus aquifers and springs for vulnerable rural populations.

For these and more environmental services, Budget Car Rental continues making efforts to improve our service hand in hand with the environment and in support of customer service together with companies listed on the National Strategy on Climate Change (NSCC) for the process National Certification C NEUTRALITY, strategy promoted by the Government of Costa Rica through the Ministry of Environment, Energy and Telecommunications MINAET, which aims to make Costa Rica a country C Neutral by 2021.

This project runs on lands enrolled in the National Register, according to technical / legal criteria that for such purpose regulates the Forest Act 7575.

So wherever the customer goes with our vehicles, Budget ensures a green travel!

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