The best vehicles for the beach

Vacation is the perfect time to relax and make the most of leisure time, the destination you have chosen, and moments to share with family or loved ones who have decided to embark on this adventure.

These special moments are planned with great care and in advance to ensure that all activities are happen in the best way possible and that all participants have fun to the fullest. One of the destinations most often chosen when thinking about vacation is the beach since the combination of sea, sun, and sand is almost always a recipe for a successful vacation.

Details you should not overlook

Those details to be planned include what type of vehicle to choose when renting a car for a vacation on the beach, here are some things to consider.

Because the coastal topography is almost always flat, a car that is low and stable to drive on flat land and roads is the most recommended in these cases. This type of terrain does not require excessive force so a front-wheel drive, 4×2 ie, is more than enough for beach vehicles.

We seek to maximize navigating the roads leading from the accommodation to the beach or coastal localities adjacent to the beaches, which are often very vibrant and colorful. It is also important to choose a vehicle that is aerodynamic and fuel-efficient, helps to reduce costs but above all is low on emissions, in order to guard the coastal ecosystem which is often very delicate.

Since the beaches are a common destination for vacation, it is important to anticipate the amount of tourists who are driving towards the area you are going on vacation, because if you need to move frequently (from the property to the beaches or nearby villages) in an area that is very crowded by other tourists, the best bet would be to choose an intermediate or compact beach car to facilitate the work of finding suitable parking spots and travel in high traffic areas.

What kind of vehicle should you choose?

Among major amenities air conditioning is a necessity in vehicles for the beach since the weather tends to be hot and humid in the coastal areas. It’s hard to get used to these weather conditions because the more time tourists at the beach their tanned skin will be more irritated by the heat.

Another important aspect to consider when choosing the size of the beach vehicle is the amount and type of luggage to be transported, beach clothing is usually small and light and does not occupy much space. But there are other things that can occupy more space: surfboards, kayaks, beach chairs, children’s toys or inflatable floats which can have great size and influence the decision to choose the right vehicle.

It is also important to mention that if you plan to travel to rarely visited beaches an upgrade would be advisable, specially to a 4×4 vehicle of larger size to in order to prevent all unexpected issues that may arise with the terrain or the road.

It’s best to choose a vehicle that all passengers will be comfortable in, feel happy in and that will help you make the most of your vacation time.

Ready to begin your adventure? Reserve your vehicle! It will be a pleassure to serve you.

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