• At Budget we care about our customers, so by following our advice, you will not have to worry.

  • Remember to take care of your belongings and in case you need help, go to the police or check with your hotel of preference.

We want you to have a good holiday, safe, comfortable and pleasant, so we give you some advice so that the worry is not who ruin your stay in Costa Rica. Remember that Budget is your ally. Therefore, follow these simple tips and enjoy your trip.

  1. Take care of your passport, take out a copy of it and keep the original in a safe with your money, jewelry, and other valuables.
  2. When doing bank transactions, such as currency exchange, you must present your original passport, do this only at banks or authorized agencies.
  3. When you need to withdraw money from an ATM do it in those that are located in crowded and lighted places. Do not forget to count your money into the vending machine.
  4. It would be advisable to rent a car to drive freely through Costa Rica if at any time you use public transport keep your belongings always within sight. If you use a taxi, make sure it meets the minimum requirements such as yellow triangles on the doors and the mileage meter. At the hotels, ask the staff to call taxis from reputable companies.
  5. If you do not know where you are and want to use a map, do it in public and safe places or look for a police officer to help you.
  6. When driving or parking your car, keep the doors and windows closed and do not leave your belongings inside the vehicle, avoid stopping if you are asked for a ride.

If you follow these simple rules you will not have to worry about anything else during your trip. The best recommendation we can give you is the rental of one of our vehicles, you are guaranteed comfort, tranquility, freedom, and vehicles of the best quality.

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