Budget Car Rental in Mal País, Santa Teresa

Costa Rica Car Rental Puntarenas, Malpaís, Santa Teresa - Budget Rent a Car Location

Located in Puntarenas province, south of the Peninsula de Nicoya, the Pacific coast of Costa Rica. About 137 miles of San Jose.

Open: Monday through Saturday from 8:00 a.m to 5:00 p.m. Sundays from 8:00 a.m to 4:00 p.m.

Phone & Fax: +506 2640.0500

Address: At Playa Carmen Shopping Center. Office # 1. Across from Tropical Tours.

Budget Car Rental Mal País / Santa Teresa is strategically located 40 min. from the Tambor airport, 30 min. from Montezuma and right in to the heart of Mal Pais and Santa Terresa, This is a perfect place for those who wants to enjoy their surfing vacation or the peaceful time in one of the most exotic places in Costa Rica.

Facts: From Budget Mal País you can travel to beautiful places such as Pochote, Playa Tambor, Cobano, Montezuma, Cabuya, La Reserva Nacional Cabo Blanco, Malpais, Playa El Carmen, Santa Teresa, Manzanillo, Bello Horizonte and Jicaral. Where you can find an excellent combination between beaches, nature and a lot of fun.

Getting there by plane: Near the San Jose International Airport take a small plane to Tambor with Sansa Airlines or Nature Air (30 minutes). Tambor to Mal Pais drive (40 minutes).

Getting there by car: From San Jose to Puntarenas by Caldera (1 hours 1/2). Paquera ferry to cross the Gulf of Nicoya (1 hours 1/2). Once in Paquera lead towards Tambor and then direct Cóbano and after 2 miles turns to Mal Pais.

Activities to do

  • Swimming
  • Kayak
  • Surfing
  • Fishing
  • Tours
  • Horseback
  • Nightlife

Getting around

Hotels in Santa Teresa Beach

  • Ambiente Marino Room +506 26400261
  • Blue Jay Lodge +506 26400089
  • Caracolas Lodge +506 26400189
  • Congo Lodge +506 88297541
  • La Hacienda Tropical +506 26400067
  • Mal Pais Surf Camp +506 26400031
  • Monarka Villas +506 26400312
  • Oasis Hotel +506 26400259
  • Pachamama Lodge +506 26400195
  • Vista de Olas Hotel +506 26400183
  • Ritmo Tropical +506 26400174


  • Banco de Costa Rica en Playa del Carmen
  • Banco Nacional Playa del Carmen

Real State

  • Condo For Sale Santa Teresa


  • Farmacia Amiga Centro comercial Playa Carmen
  • Amiga Drugstore at Playa Carmen Shopping Center

Day Trips and Driving Times

Arts and Culture

  • Aereal Silk en Funky Munkey Santa Teresa
  • Arte para niños Casa Zen Santa Teresa
  • Movie Nigth El Sano Banano Montezuma
  • Sunset Sessions Itauna Santa Teresa


  • Pacifica Extreme S. Teresa
  • Tropical Tours P. Carmen
  • Zuma Tours MOntezuma


  • Ario Horse Tours S.Teresa
  • Sapoa Adventures S Teresa


  • Canopy del Pacifico Mal País


  • Art Soul Gallery S Teresa
  • Tica Surf Bikinis S Teresa
  • STCR TShirts S Teresa

Gym Yoga

  • Anamaya Yoga
  • Casa Zen Yoga
  • Pacific Dreams Gym
  • Pranamar Pilates


  • Eco Tours Montezuma


  • Eco Tours Montezuma
  • Cocozuma P. Carmen
  • Isla Red Snapper M Pais
  • Paracifica Extreme S Teresa
  • Sapoa S Teresa
  • Tropical Tours P Carmen
  • Zumatours Montezuma


  • Mal Pais - Montezuma 18Km - 40 minutes by car
  • Mal Pais - Playa del Carmen 3Km - 9 minutes by car
  • Mal Pais - Manzanillo 157Km - 3 hours by car
  • Mal Pais - Playa Hermosa 267Km - 4.45 hours by car
  • Mal Pais - Cobano 16 Km - 1.37 hours by car
  • Mal Pais - Reserva Absoluta Cabo Blanco 6Km - 18 minutes by car
  • Mal Pais - Cataratas de Montezuma 13Km - 37 minutes by car


The most rented or recommended vehicle for this zone are 4x4:

  • Toyota Rav4 - Automático/Manual - 5 Passengers
  • Daihatsu Bego - Automático/Manual - 5 Passengers
  • Toyota Prado - Automático - 7 Passengers

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